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Day 2 Quad Bikes and Temples

Day 2 and we are off this morning to do some quad biking around south of Siem Reap. The ride is organised by Quad Bike adventures in Siem Reap. It is one of the optional activities offered by Travel Marvel on this trip.

The guys at Quad Bike Adventures take you out to ensure you are able to control the bike before allowing you to ride. If you are not confident a guide will ride with you and assist you throughout the ride.


Having got the go ahead we head off into the streets heading for the country. The road rule is stay to the right of the road. There are motor cycles and cars everywhere the roads are often unmade and have huge pot holes all part of the adventure.


The tour takes you out into the country then into the rice fields, there are plenty of water buffalo and they do tend to stray onto the tracks so you need to keep your eyes open.


Great way to see the local area.


Back to the Shinta Mani resort for lunch then out to Angkor Wat.

We head off to Angkor Archaeological park we stop at Bayon Temple first.

Bayon is most famous for the towers which feature the smiling faces as well as a number of Bas-Reliefs depicting historic stories. This is a must stop on the way to Angkor Wat.

Bayon was one of the many temples built by J7 as the locals call him, his full name was Jayavarman VII.

Back on the bus and heading for Angkor Wat.

The day is fairly humid and there is a high chance of rain but so far it has held off, we arrive at Angkor Wat and are not disappointed first view of this amazing place give you a feel for the size and importance of this sacred place.

When you visit these place remember that the locals have rules and you should always cover your knees and shoulders, it is their culture and we should respect it when visiting.

The temple of AngKor Wat is magnificent, if you are capable of the climb go up the rather steep steps and enjoy the views from the third level.


Finally if the timing is right you may catch some great sunsets. There was a fair bit of cloud when we were preparing to leave but I still got a couple of good shots.


It is impossible to cover everything in a short blog you won’t be disappointed.

Finished the day by going visiting a country bbq chicken traditional restaurant 30 minute out of Siem Reap. Sat on the floor and ate with our fingers in an out door pagoda unfortunately only 3 of us tried it the rest of the crew went the safe option and ate in town, great experience and great food.


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