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The Rich are Getting Richer the poor who cares

Before I start I declare I am not an economist however there is constant talk from the Turnbull led Coalition government in Australia to decrease company tax rates. This is … Continue reading

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Rhine Gorge – Spectacular Home of Wine and Castles

When in Germany you should definitely see this area the Rhine Gorge in Germany is famous for the vineyards and castles the the dot the riverside. We visited this area … Continue reading

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Travel when things go wrong it just adds to the adventure

You often hear about the nightmares people experience when travelling. You also hear people who complain when a plane is delayed because it is not safe to fly through volcanic … Continue reading

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Cologne Much More Than A Scent

Cologne Germany is a great place to visit and take in a the German lifestyle. Cologne spans both sides of the Rhine river, Cologne was established as a city 2000 … Continue reading

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Miltonberg Germany and the resourceful local priest

Miltonberg is located on the Main river in Bavaria Germany. The river Main which separates the old and new town is crossed by the a bridge with the Main Gatehouse … Continue reading

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Bamberg History And Bacon Beer

Bamberg is in the Germany State of Bavaria. The city of Bamberg was built in medieval times and architecturally reflects the baroque period. Built during a period of the Prince … Continue reading

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Salzburg more than the sound of music

A signature stop on the APT river cruise is an amazing the trip to SalzburgĀ on the Majestic Imperator. This was the royal train used by the Habsberg family. The trip … Continue reading

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