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Vienna  April 2015 we headed out to see the sights. Vienna is the Capital of Austria it is also the largest Austrian city with around 2 Million people.

Vienna is renowned for its music and was the center of classical music period. Composers such as Beethoven  and Mozart to name just a couple worked in Vienna.

During the second world war Austria was stripped of its status as a capital. Berlin became the capital as Austria became part of Germany during this period.

Vienna is also well know for its coffee, there are many little coffee houses serving a number of styles of coffee. Viennese coffee houses are part of the culture here, they serve a wide variety of coffees and pastries. Historically these were places to sit and read and while away the hours while indulging in your chosen style of coffee.



Another major landmark in Vienna is St Stephens Cathedral. The Cathedral is the center of the Arch Dioceses of Vienna and the home to the Arch Bishop.

St Stephens is made of limestone but the most outstanding feature are the towers and the ornate patterned and colorful roof . In all the Cathedral has 233 separate bell towers. This is a magnificent and important landmark in Vienna.



Another spectacular landmark of Vienna is the Rathaus, the city hall of Vienna it houses the office of the city mayor and the city council.


Every where you look the buildings are magnificent and dripping with history.

Time to take a break make our way into one of the many coffee houses and enjoy a pastry and coffee before moving on to Schonbrunn Palace.

Schonbrunn Palace was the summer palace of the Habsburg Monarchs.

The palace itself is beautiful and complimented by the most amazing array of gardens which reflect the different tastes and influences of the various monarchs of the Habsburg family.


Time to head back to the boat have dinner then we are off to the city palace and a private performance by some of the resident musicians and singers. This is organised by the tour company APT Touring Company .

The entertainment for the night was fantastic and like everything we have seen in Vienna the building was ornate and alive with history.

This was our final stop in Vienna but as Midge Ure  from the band Ultra Vox Vienna put it “Oh Vienna”


Make sure you have plenty of time

Make sure you have Coffee







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