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Mobile phones and drop kicks



Etiquette Tips

Mobile phones: O.k. we have all experienced this one the person on the phone walking down the street or in the shopping center.

They immediately slow down so they can concentrate on their call suddenly they are oblivious to the fact that there are people in front of them, behind them and beside them like a zombie.

They wander across your path as you try to pass them or they walk straight at you somehow unaware of your existence.

For these people here is a tip “hey tosser get the hell out of the way”!!! Perhaps you could stop and move out of the way of other people show some consideration.

Then there are the people who are continuously looking down at their phone and not paying the slightest bit of attention to where they are going. They walk straight at you like you are suddenly invisible.

Again get the hell out of the way move aside and read your email or catch your bloody Pokemon without obstructing or walking into everyone else!!

The loud speaker on the train – One of my favorites this you know those people who sit on the train, bus or tram and they might as well have a bloody mega phone they are so loud. You get to hear the entire conversation. You know what I don’t want hear what you had for breakfast or what someone said about someone else, Shut up !!!!!!!

Lastly if someone is speaking to you don’t look at your phone or text someone on your phone its  bloody rude.




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