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Marketing Essentials For Toilet Paper

Marketing it is out of control,  for those of you who may do the occasional shop lets start with Toilet paper. There are so many choices. In fact just browsing the aisle with the toilet paper is exhausting, you could say you are left feeling completely wiped out (sorry for the pun). Seriously though here are just a few of my favorites:

Quilton black label – Put the black label away the relatives are coming just stick the Woollies select toilet paper in there.

Kleenex cottonelle bamboo – For those who may like to torture themselves a little.

Sorbent toilet tissue hypo allergenic – This should stop you sneezing

Sorbent toilet tissue designs – You can hang these one on the wall watch out for the coming great artists series including Banksies bum collection. For those who have had kids this collection beats the hell out of pooh paintings on the wall.

Emporia Toilet tissue scented – Hmmm I kind of think this is a bit of rip off here after all I think they all end up somewhat scented.

Kleenex clean sensation – I couldn’t find a dirty selection anywhere but I am sure it is just a matter of time.

Kleenex luxury collection for clean sensation – Fit for a King, like the clean sensation only this comes from the luxury collection

Kleenex aloe vera toilet tissue – Really handy if you have been out in the sun and got a bit burnt where the sun shouldn’t be shinning.

Kleenex gentle clean double length – This is the soft wipe that goes on forever. For those who prefer a bit of pain the sand paper collection is coming soon and promises a lasting experience.

Sorbent silky white – Does tend to stain easily so be careful when choosing this one

Quilton Limited edition – These are my favourites saw them at Woolies just before Christmas now they are no longer gracing the shelves. I am kicking myself I didn’t snap up a bunch of these could have sold them for a fortune in a couple of years oh well!!!

Hope that helps you with your choices when you are next shopping.


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