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Day 4 Kampong Tralach , Floating Villages and Oudong receive a bhuddist blessing

So we have crossed the lake and today we get off our boat the RV La Marguerite onto the sampans and head out to see the floating villages and visit Kampon Tralach a river side town in Cambodia.

First we travel through the floating villages even the kids use a boat to get to school. These people live on the river and move according to the floods.

There are floating shops homes and schools so different to the way we live back home in Australia but the people are happy and friendly.


Next we get off the sampans and have a wander around Kampong Tralach market. The market is full of local fare and the smell of the food cooking is strangely inviting. Our guide takes us to a street vendor selling deep fried frogs.

The market is full of exotic products from the area including black jelly spices and local fruits and nuts.

We board the sampans again and head back to the boat we will sail on then head to Oudong to receive a Buddhist blessing.

On arrival at the Oudong we are met by Ox Carts this is still a common form of travel in this area .

The temple is home to both Buddiest monks and Nuns we had the chance to receive a Buddhist blessing and wander the grounds. The Nuns were happy to talk and share their daily life with us a great and humbling experience.

We jump on the bus and head back to the boat and sail off for the next day of the tour.


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