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Day 5 Koh Chen Silver Village and on to Phnom Penh

This morning we jump on the Sampans again and head for the Koh Chen, Koh Chen is a village where they make Silver jewelry, plates and ornaments.

First we visit a local school where the children sing and then get to practice their english chatting to us.

We have bought along school supplies such as pencil writing pads etc. Our guides and Travel Marvel encourage people to bring these thing to the school and not give money or gifts to the children directly as this encourages them to beg rather than go to school.


Next off to look at the Silver works. As you walk through the village you can hear people hammering in the houses, the guide explains that the Silver shops outsource some of their work to local villages.


We then find our way to the Silver smith and get a run down on how they make silver ornaments and plates.

Our guide tell us that there are some merchants who will pass off copper as silver and then asks us to select which of 2 examples shown is silver most of us got it wrong, they then showed us how to check.

Now its time for the shoppers to have some time in the store.


Shopping done time to make our way back to the Sampan and then the boat to head down to Phnom Penh.


We arrive in Phenom Penh just after lunch. This afternoon we are heading in to do a city tour of Phnom Penh on a Tuk Tuk.

Our first stop is the a temple where you can pay to have a birds released from a cage to improve your Kama. I have seen a documentary on this and apparently some of these people actually recapture the birds and go through the same cycle. Got wonder how that affects their Kama.

Back on the Tuk Tuk and heading down to the Russian markets. The markets are hot and very crowded. The humidity is bad enough at the best of times but enclosed in the tiny aisles make it even more intense, I couldn’t imagine spending the entire day in here.

Time comes to leave the market back on the Tuk Tuk. The traffic is mad, turns out the Chinese president is in town and has decided to go out for a look so all the roads are closed off to the general public, there a re cars going everywhere the motorcycles are all over the road on footpaths and our Tuk Tuk driver is doing U turns and ducking down side streets to find a way around so much fun.


Traffic here makes peak hour at home look tame

This guy gives a whole new meaning to hands free phone check out his helmet


Quick look at the main square before we head back to the boat for the night.



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