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Day 7 leaving Cambodia and crossing to Vietnam at Tan Chau

So today is the only day we don’t get to leave the boat. We will be crossing the boarder into Vietnam at Tan Chau.

On board there is some great scenery and I get my daily 5 Km run in early for a change in fact I get to the gym and someone else is using the treadmill, WTF that has happened the whole trip so far. Come back later and run 7 Kms instead , done.

There is a documentary on the Pol Pot regime focusing on Pol Pot as a leader and how he came to be so powerful. One really interesting fact gleaned from the documentary is that Pol pot was not his real name. He adopted the name which is a shortening of the 2 words Political Potential.

So we reach the border and have a significant wait while the ship administrator goes ashore with all our passports visas and paper work to get the clearance to cross the border.

As the sun sets there are some great photo opportunities and some cold beers to drink.


Tomorrow we get to have a look around Tan Chau.


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