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Day 8 Tan Chau

Today we board the Sampan and head for Tan Chau to tour the village initially on Rickshaws then walking.

The trip down the Mekong tributaries to Tan Chau takes us through riverside villages and stilt houses built along the rivers edge. The homes are very basic and often the toilet is just a room with a hole that leads to the river. If you look closely at the picture below you will notice attached to the left of the building is a cubicle that is the toilet.


We arrive at Tan Chau the key industry in this area is the silk garments.

The material for Tan Chau garments is made in Tan Chau by locals. We are met in Tan Chau by rickshaw drivers and taken to a factory where silk garments are made.


The day is hot and humid normal for this part of the world. The factory is even hotter and even though there is a drive to increase safety for workers in Vietnam the factory is noisy and extremely hot. Our guide shows us some of the old looms and one of the factory workers demonstrates how the old looms work.

We the stroll through the factory the noise is incredible the temperature is oppressive and a young woman is operating a number of machines on her own, she is not wearing the hearing protection by choice even though the safety rules state they are required.



After visiting the silk factory we make our way to a factory where they make mats to sleep on. Because the weather is so humid the mats are placed on the floor and the locals sleep on them apparently they are comfortable and do not absorb moisture and sweat.


Time comes to return to the ship and sail for the afternoon, tomorrow we will visit Sa Dec. The trip back to the ship provides some great photo opportunities.




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