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Day 12 time to go home please respect the river.

So today we have breakfast get on the bus and head for the airport. This is where the Travel Marvel tour ends, we will head on to Singapore for a few days.

This has been a great tour travelling on the river allows you to go to places that you can’t access by road.

The Mekong is the life blood of this area and it is in danger from Damming for hydro electric projects in Laos to supply energy for China.

There is a committee of 5 countries who are trying to address the impacts both economically and environmentally, unfortunately neither Laos or China are members of the committee and don’t agree that damming is  having an impact on the river.

There is a constant movement of barges moving down the river to Ho Chi Minh City with sand dredged from the river to satisfy the construction of high rise building. This is causing huge amounts of erosion along the river and causing farmers to be displaced.

I could go on but a picture tells a thousand words

This is a unique and beautiful part of the world lets not screw it up completely.

I have loved the entire tour I have been privileged to travel this great river feel the history, meet the people of Cambodia and Vietnam and see and experience the culture.

I highly recommend Travel marvel they are extremely well organised and keen to let you experience things you could only experience on the river and planned and executed with military precision.

I will be back, but for now its on to Singapore the worlds safest city.






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