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Day 11 Sight Seeing Ho Chi Minh City and Dinner at KOTO Kumho

Today we have a busy schedule starting with a visit to the to the old post office in Ho Chi Minh city. The building is simple but conveys the colonial influence of the French.

We have time to wander around inside, definitely worth a look.



From here we take our lives in our hands and cross the road,the trick is to look the motor cycle riders in the eye slowly move across the road then go as quick as you can.

Across the road we visit the Notre Dame Cathedral.

From the steps of the Cathedral you can see a historic landmark. For those who recall, I believe I was about 7 but still remember the image,  the scenes when the Americans exited Vietnam there was a huge scramble for the helicopters to leave the city. The building roof top where this all occurred the American embassy is still in tact. The building is somewhat dwarfed by the new high rise now.



Next we head to the old presidential palace. The palace had many bed rooms and the president changed rooms on a regular basis to avoid assassination.

The palace is no longer used it is kept as a museum to the history of the country.

We now get on a bus and head to the oldest Chinese temple in Ho Chi Min City called Thien Hau Temple, we again need to cross the road and this time I am not sure the motor cycle riders are to bothered by the death stare that should bring them to a stop, some dart past us finally they stop and let us continue crossing, well worth the risk.


Finally we head back to our hotel and get ready for dinner at KOTO Kumho. The restraunt is funds the training of young people in hospitality. The profits from the restaurant provides the  students with funds required to pursue their training and work in the hospitality and tourist industries.

Below this was the first time the waitress had corked a wine bottle a few laughs and she did a great job . If you travel try to support these places they give others a chance to work and learn.


Back to the Grand hotel Siagon for our last night before heading to Singapore.


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