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Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas Sha Tin

If you are travelling to Hong Kong and could do with a bit of break from the constant throng of people head out to the new territories a town called Sha Tin. Just near the railway station you can find the temple of the 10,000 Buddhas. I will say, I didn’t actually count them but I am sure there were 10,000.


Temple was established by Yuet Kai and construction began in 1949 and completed 1957.  Yuet Kai and his disciples carried all the materials up from the base of the mountain.

Yuet Kai’s body is preserved in a glass case in the main hall of the Temple.

You start with a walk up to monastery on the Hill depending on your fitness and age as to how long it will take, there is plenty to see on the way up and I would say the path is reasonably steep in parts.



Once at the top you will enter the grounds of the Temple and the magnificent views of the surrounding country side.

There are no Monks at the Temple anymore there are however a number of Lay people, we found they were happy to share information about the temple and its history with you.

Well worth the visit and a word of warning, Monks to do not beg for money you may get slightly harassed by people dressed as Monks trying to scam you for money , there are warning signs so keep this in mind.



Easy to get to about $10 Hong Kong by Taxi  or jump on a train easy and cheap.

Give it a go well worth the trip.




One comment on “Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas Sha Tin

  1. Mayzeshop
    November 26, 2016

    Heloo.. Hongkong… Peace with youuj


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