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Bath In The UK

For those who never been to Bath it is a must see location in UK I had the chance to spend a couple of days in 2015.

Close to Stonehenge and Salisbury it is a great launching place to visit these tourist sites it is also a historic location with much to see and do.

Bath is famous for its Roman baths built during the Roman Era.There is a museum with statues and Temples on the site.

The Pulteney bridge a major feature of Bath along with the Georgian Architecture and the chimney pots on the houses. Beautiful stone streets and fabulous views.

Bath has a character all of its own, we found the people extremely friendly and helpful.

If you are driving a car parking can be very scarce, and when you get it be prepared for touch parking.

We stayed at the Windsor guest house in Bath without a doubt this was a great place to stay.

We did a day trip to Stonehenge on our first full day in Bath, the drive through the rich green country side on a warm spring day made for an enjoyable trip. The trip only took about an hour.

Before leaving for Europe I joined the heritage society and was able to get into Stonehenge for half price. The membership also gave us access to any historical site run by the group at either half price or free in some cases. It is well worth the investment.

There is much to see at Stonehenge make sure you get the audio guide so you can find your way around and get a run down of each of the exhibits.


There are a number of exhibits including replicas of the huts the people lived in and how they made tools and cooked food and lived.

The famous site of the Stones at Stonehenge is about a Kilometer from the entry to the site. You can catch one of the shuttle buses out to the site or you can choose to take a stroll out to the site.

We chose to walk out and it was a beautiful spring day, the walk through the farm land was worth it and the rape seed plantations were spectacular to see.

Finally we can see the site as we come over the hill. This is an amazing piece of history.


We have a close look around the site and read the historical information about Stonehenge, when you hear how far the stones were transported and how the human effort in its self is amazing.



Stonehenge make sure you go.


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  1. Mayzeshop
    November 26, 2016

    so clear .. quiet .. natural ..


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