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Budapest The Hungarian State Opera House

Budapest is a beautiful city to visit. Budapest gets it name from the 2 cities which were situated on either side of the river. On one side there was Buda and the other Pest. These united in 1873 to form the now beautiful city of Budapest.

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is situated on the river Danube with a long history and so much to see.

My wife and I only had a day and a bit in Budapest we still managed to cram plenty in. There was so much to see I won’t try to cram it all into 1 post.

The Hungarian State opera house is grand and opulent, when travelling to Budapest it is must stop.

From the outside the building is a great example of 19th Century Hungarian Architecture. dscn0013

The inside is ornate and richly decorated and has atmosphere all of its own.

We move into the auditorium it is magnificent, composers such a s Franz Liszt and other great composers had performed here. There is also a sculpture of Franz Liszt at the entrance to the opera house, he is Hungary’s best known composer.


Put this on your list of things to do when in this magnificent city.




One comment on “Budapest The Hungarian State Opera House

  1. Bipasha
    December 2, 2016

    I didn’t get to go to a concert but the Opera building totally wowed me, both from the outside & the gorgeous interiors.


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