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Durnstein is a little Town in lower part of Austria on the Danube river well know for wine and some very interesting history . The town is great for a stroll and plenty to see.


From a historic point for those who know the story of Richard the Lion heart it was here that he was captured and held when returning from the crusades.

In 1192 Duke Leopold the V imprisoned Richard the Lion Heart in Durnstein castle.

Duke Leopold was offended by Richards actions when he removed his banner from the walls at the battle of Acre.

The ruins of the castle are still on the hill and you are free to visit them and wander among the ruins.

The climb to the top of the hill takes about half an hour and in early April it was a very crisp cool spring morning. Well worth the effort the views are great from here while the castle is no longer in particularly good condition you still get a feel for how great it must have been.


We wander back down the hill into this charming and welcoming town.  We would have stopped to try the wine but it was a little early in the morning, now I think about it when you are on holiday is it ever to early.





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