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Bamberg History And Bacon Beer

Bamberg is in the Germany State of Bavaria. The city of Bamberg was built in medieval times and architecturally reflects the baroque period.

Built during a period of the Prince Bishops when the church had a huge amount of influence over the ruling politic the city was an important hub for the church and later in 1926 Hitler established the Bamberg conference here to help stabilize the fledgling Nazi movement.

Bamberg covers seven hills, each of the hills has an Ornate church built upon it with the Cathedral built on Cathedral hill. The streets of Bamberg are still cobble stone and the town  retains its historic buildings.

The city is UNESCO listed and restoration of the buildings is ongoing in order to preserve the historic character of Bamberg.


A feature of Bamberg is the Cathedral of St. Peter and St George originally built in 12th Century replacing the original build on the same site in 1002 and destroyed by fire.

The cathedral features 4 towers 81 Meters high. There was some restoration work on 2 of the towers when we visited .

The towers can be seen from most parts of Bamberg.


We moved on to explore Neue Residenz this was the palace of the Prince Bishops on Cathedral square the palace has 40 state rooms some of which can be hired out for private functions. While you are up here check out the views.


The rose gardens at the Neue Residenz are also a must see when visiting.


Another attraction in Bamberg is the Altes Rathaus which occupies a small island in the Regnitz river. Altes Rathaus loosely translated means town hall. The island is connected to both sides of the river by Tall arched bridges.

Another important stop is St Michaels Abbey a Benedictine monastry dating back to 1015. The place is magnificent unfortunately I had run out of battery for the camera so take my word for it go have a look.

As time is growing short for our visit we head off for a must do when in Bamberg, yes it’s Bacon Beer.

Bacon beer is made from smoked Malt the smell of bacon comes from the smoking process.

There are a number of Breweries in Bamberg that make this distinctive flavored beer we visited a brewery called Brauerei Keesmann. As soon as you enter the brewery you can genuinely smell what seems to be bacon cooking. The beer itself takes a little getting used to but they say the second is better third you really like and after that it just goes on.

Cheers Bacon Beer this could be the worlds best breakfast drink.






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