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Miltonberg Germany and the resourceful local priest

Miltonberg is located on the Main river in Bavaria Germany. The river Main which separates the old and new town is crossed by the a bridge with the Main Gatehouse as the primary feature. The area is picturesque and well worth the stop.


Due to its proximity to the Main River Miltonberg had ready access to a fresh water supply.

The town still has one of the many wells which you can view when visiting. Most of the underground wells are now gone.


Miltonberg also is the home to the oldest German Tavern Gasthaus Zum Riesen they still brew their own beer on the site. Unfortunately we were here a bit early in the morning to sample the local brew.


Miltonberg is full of beautiful old timber buildings and cobble stone streets.

Finally we make our way to the market place this is an exquisite place.

The market place is surrounded by the old buildings and has a fountain in the center. On one corner is the local Catholic church.

In 2006 the National Democratic Party of Germany a Neo-Nazi party won the right to hold a rally in the market square. The locals were not happy but failed in their attempts to have the rally stopped.

The local priest Ulrich Boom found his own solution, he locked the church and rang the bells throughout the entire rally drowning out the participants with the loudness of the church bells eventually the Neo-Nazis gave up and went home. The incident made international headlines.

Miltenberg well worth a visit.





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