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Travel when things go wrong it just adds to the adventure

You often hear about the nightmares people experience when travelling. You also hear people who complain when a plane is delayed because it is not safe to fly through volcanic ash or some other natural occurrence.  Maybe you missed a connecting flight and that threw all your plans out.

Truth is while these things happen they can also add to the adventure of the travel.

We were due to meet a cruise in Budapest to travel up to Amsterdam in 2015. Travelling from Melbourne Australia to Singapore meet a connecting flight in Singapore then on to Munich for yet another connection then on to Budapest where we had to meet our tour. All up around 26 hours travelling and I can’t sleep on planes so I was set for a movie fest.

What could possibly go wrong well to tell you the truth everything. A number of hours into our flight to Singapore there is call over the PA for a doctor, About half an hour later again is there a doctor aboard.

Soon after the latest call for a doctor we are informed that we have been diverted to Denpasar a person in business class had a medical emergency and needed immediate attention.

To cut a long story short, got to Denpasar the ambulance a doctor and the police were waiting. The patient had suffered a major heart attack and had been taken to emergency in Denpasar hospital.

About an hour later we were refueled and in the air again. On arrival in Singapore there were people who rushed to make their connecting flights ours had already gone. It was midnight and we had to try to make alternative arrangements.

This took until 3 in the morning, while standing in a queue waiting to see how we could get to our destination we met some people heading to the same tour. We were ahead of them in the queue and when we got our turn we indicated that there were 4 more people who would need to get to the same spot.

The only flight we could get was to London then to Budapest we got to know the other people and became fellow travelers on an adventure together.

6 hours later we boarded a 13 hour flight to London relief at least we were on our way however we were never going to make the start of the tour.

London and another 6 hour wait oh God I need some sleep instead we talk to our new travel buddies and wander around the airport.

Finally we board a British airways flight to Budapest. We sat for about half an hour then across the PA the captain informs us that the right suspension strut on the plane has collapsed and engineering is working on it. We all look at each other like this is just not supposed to happen. Budapest airport closes at midnight and we are now likely to miss the opening.

The captain comes back on the PA and informs us that another plane is available and we need to disembark as quick as possible and board the bus across to the other side of Heathrow airport.

We boarded the new plane when the captain informs us they cannot dislodge the dolly from the front wheel and we are temporarily stuck. Eventually this is resolved, the airport at Budapest is keeping a gate open for us and we are off.

We finally arrived in Budapest at 3 am in the morning we are met by our tour guide and taken to the cruise ship.

54 hours in transit I am feeling tired to say the least. The upside of all of it is that we got to know new friends we had the best time and were a bit of a close knit group for the duration of the tour and continued the friendship after.

So if if you are going to travel be prepared for the unexpected make the best of the situation and just make it all part of the travel experience. You may make life long friends and at least get a bit of a laugh from the experience.

Bon Voyage and enjoy no matter what !!!!!!




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