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Cologne Much More Than A Scent

Cologne Germany is a great place to visit and take in a the German lifestyle. Cologne spans both sides of the Rhine river, Cologne was established as a city 2000 years ago. During that time it has been occupied by the French, it was a headquarters for the Roman army was severely bombed and damaged during the second world war.

Much of the old city in particular the churches have been fully restored the work was completed in the 90’s that is some restoration. Many of the German cities which were bombed have been restored and the ongoing preservation and restoration has kept alive occupations which have died in most parts of the world including stone masons and hand carving.

Cologne is famous for it’s Kolsch beer it is served in .2 Litre tall glasses. Kolsch is available from brewing houses called Brauhaus in German, when you visit one of these places the brewer or barman will continue to fill your glass until you cover the glass or say no.Worth a look.

Wandering through old part of  Cologne you will most likely come across 2 characters called Tunnes and Schal.


The figures are from the puppet theater of Cologne, it said that these two characters reflect the humor and culture of the people of Cologne. Apparently the reason they have shiny noses is because rubbing their nose brings you good luck.


When in Cologne the you must visit the Cologne cathedral. This is the second tallest building in Cologne only the telecommunications tower is taller.

The cathedral has 8000 square meters of floor space the towers are 157 meters high and can be seen from almost anywhere in Cologne.

The Gothic architecture is imposing and impressive.

The Cathedral houses the remains of the 3 wise men and this made it an import place for catholic pilgrims. The Cathedral can hold 20,000 people.

The Romans occupied Cologne from 50 AD to about 260 AD it was an important military post for the Romans. There are significant ruins of the Roman city which have been excavated and there is a museum you can visit to view the  ruins.

Cologne is an exciting place to visit and just to show you they have a sense of humor


And for those who are shopping for the scent of Cologne



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