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Day 9 Sa Dec and Cai Be

Today we are off to Sa Dec back on the sampans and head out for the day. The weather is the same as any day here hot and humid but you seem to get used to it after a while and the scenery on the river is always amazing.

Today we will visit a Cao Dia temple in Sa Dec along with a stroll through the village and a visit to the market and then finally check out Huynh Thuy’s home.

We arrive in Sa Dec and disembark the Sampan a short walk and we find our selves at the Cai Dao temple. Cai Dao is a local religion the only home grown religion in Vietnam and is a mash of a number of religions. It was an attempt to unite religion in Vietnam.

A Cai Dai temple is easily identified by the eye which has been related back to free masonry. The same image appears on the US 1 Dollar.


If you want to research Caodism there is plenty of online information it is fascinating.

We stroll through the town remembering that footpaths are for motor cycle parking  so we walk cautiously on the road.




The market is crowded and offers everything you could possibly want to buy fish is fresh and still alive in water so you can choose what you want. This is very much like the markets in Hong Kong.


After some time in the market it is time to visit the home of Huynh Thuy’s he was the lover of the French writer Marguerite Duras, the boat we have been on for the cruise down the Mekong was named after her.



Time to head back to the Sampan and sail to Cai Be.

Lunch finished we are now able to get on another Sampan and head into a village called Cai Be. We visit a French cathedral and and visit a local rice paper maker. The rice paper maker also produces confectioneries, it is hot work and extremely interesting to see how they pop the rice in heated sand and then sift it to remove the sand and then mix the popped rice with syrup. The whole process is manual including cutting and packing.

These guys also make something else, snake wine it is supposed to increase male   fertility and drive. We are all offered a chance to taste but I would prefer a beer I think.

Time to visit the French Cathedral before getting back on the Sampans to return to the boat.


Finally back to the sampan And back to the boat. The pollution in the water is a concern for the locals.




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