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Day 10 Cu Chi Tunnels and Ho Chi Min City

Today we disembark our boat at My Tho Port. Bags loaded onto a bus and heading to the Cu Chi tunnels. Following that we will head down to Siagon, Ho Chi Minh city as it is now called.

The trip to the Cu Chi tunnels is constant honking of the horn as the bus driver warns everyone to get out of his way.

The Cu Chi tunnels are amazing it is hard to believe that some of these people spent 3 days at a time below ground in the claustrophobic environment.

You get the chance to go down the tunnels I did try it, some people looked into the tunnel and just turned back. You only get perspective by trying it out.

It is hot dark and cramped, these tunnels were home for the Viet Kong and the Americans must have hated these areas.

The Viet Kong were an extremely industrious people they hid the smoke from kitchens by building chimneys that dispersed the smoke like a fog and at night this would have appeared to be mist.


The Viet Kong made traps from scrap metal retrieved unexploded shells and removed the gun powder from the bombs by wetting the gun powder before breaking open the shell they then used the gun powder and to make land mines. The metal was used to make traps.


A visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels is essential for anyone who travels to Vietnam no matter how brutal the traps and mines were, it is an example of how people will respond when their backs are truly to the wall.

We board the bus and head to Ho Chi Minh city where we will spend the afternoon and the next day checking out the sights. Ho Chi Minh at night is a spectacular sight ten Million people and everyone seems to own a motor cycle.


Amway they are everywhere!!!



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