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Salisbury UK

While staying in Bath we made another day trip to Salisbury. The first stop was the Cathedral, there is much to see so give yourself a couple of hours to at least take it in.

We had been warned that parking in Salisbury was impossible and best to park and ride.

This is common in the UK we park at a park and ride about 5 Miles out of Salisbury. It is easy you pay for your ride in and there is no hassle with parking to worry about, all you need to worry about is not missing the last bus.

The bus drops you a short walk from the Cathedral. As you walk into the grounds the sheer size and majesty  of the Cathedral hits you immediately.


Inside the Cathedral is no different. When we first enter the Cathedral the resident priest is asking people to kneel or sit and pray with him. He welcomes you to the Cathedral and asks you to respect the holy place you are visiting.

We slowly work our way through the Cathedral the baptismal font actually makes a great opportunity for a photo. The reflection from the font provides a a mirror image.


There are a number of alters around the Cathedral there is an alter with a glass prism with images of the Cathedral in side the prism.

The prism was made by Laurence Whistler in memory of his brother. Not sure the pictures really do it justice but gives you an idea how it looks.


Each way you look the Cathedral provides amazing architecture.

When there is a special occasion and the bishops of the Diocese attend each has their own seat .

We wander in to the central garden and court yard area peaceful and beautifully preserved.


We had lunch in the little cafe in the tourist shop area, it was reasonably priced and hit the spot. Then we headed off to have a look around the rest of the town.

By the time we checked out the town it was time to head back to the park and drive so we found our bus stop and easily made it back.

By the time we got back to Bath it was after 5pm a full day again well worth it.




2 comments on “Salisbury UK

  1. Mel & Suan
    November 27, 2016

    Good to know about the park and ride. We were just beginning to wonder how to park!


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