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Cape Woolamia And More

This is much closer to home for me, Cape Woolamia is located on Phillip Island in Victoria Australia. Phillip Island is most famous for the Phillip Island Moto GP. The island is also home to colonies of Fairy Penguins. The penguin parade is especially popular with overseas visitors. Phillip Island is about 1.5 hours from Melbourne and fairly easy drive.

There is much more to see here and you can get short term and weekend rentals. During summer the population of Phillip island swells due to the holiday period and the myriad of activities available including surfing, the Penguins, Phillip Island chocolate factory, the Nobbies to name just a few.

If you are looking for another side of Phillip Island visit during the cooler months. The wild weather and the rugged coastline provide you with some fabulous scenery and some great sunsets.

We spent a week in late July and used Phillip Island a s a launching place for other locations including Wilsons promontory another spectacular site to visit.

We rented a house in Cape Woolamia about 200 meters from the beach, the evenings were definitely cold but most were clear and the sunset well worth braving the cold winds.

The Nobbies in this weather is an absolute must it is cold and the wind cuts through you but the sheer beauty of the power of nature is amazing to behold.

The whole family pack into the car and we head down to the Nobbies to check it out we were not disappointed it was cold windy and spectacular.

From the walking trail you can see the seal rocks where strangely enough on a good day you can go out and see the seals.


Looks quite serene from here but don’t be fooled the weather turns in about 5 minutes and you can see some spectacular wave action.

If you want a feed try the fisher mans co op at San Remo fresh caught fish can’t get much better.

The natural beauty of this place is amazing and during the winter months rents are low and well worth a visit.






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