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In 2015 we visited Paris for a couple of days on our way from a European tour to the UK. We caught the train to Paris from Amsterdam and arrived in Paris early afternoon.

The taxi ride to the motel was certainly interesting to say the least, we checked into the Motel a couple of blocks from the Eiffle Tower.

My wife had visited here previously as had my Eldest daughter and they both loved the experience.

We spent the first afternoon strolling around and getting our bearings.

On our first full day in France we decided to do a walking tour of the city. There was much to see and we headed first to the Eiffle Tower. The interesting thing about the tower is that we were only  a few blocks away and could not see it for the taller buildings, when we finally spotted I could only imagine that when it was first built it would have been visible from any point in Paris.

There was a huge line of people waiting to climb the tower so we resolved to continue our tour after some photos had been taken.


We cross the river Seine and view the Eiffle Tower from the other side of the River.

Our visit just happens to coincide with the color run in Paris which provides some extra photo opportunities.

The fun runners are running along the river back and then over the Bridge around the road. There is music pumping loudly and the whole area is a buzzing.



The city is a real blend of the old and the new the roads are hectic and caution crossing is highly recommended watch for bikes.

Next on to the Champs Elysees, the roundabout is mayhem obviously there is some sort of local logic and this ensures that there is not an accident every second of the day but this is well worth watching for a short while. I am not sure if it is true but I was told if you hire a car in Paris that the insurance will not cover you when you drive through here. I could probably fact check that but it is kind of a nice story anyway if you want to fact check go right ahead.


Paris has fabulous history beautiful architecture great food. It is must visit. We spent several more hours just walking the streets before returning to our motel to pack for the next day when we head to the UK.

Here is a bit of a visual tour because words sometimes don’t quite do it.







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